The Miracle of Christmas


39 years ago my talented and inspired mother-in-law, Dianne Hunt wanted to share with her children and community the TRUE meaning of Christmas. She was tired of all of the commercialism surrounding the holidays. With the support of her husband Doug, and the help of several close friends, she worked tirelessly on creating a narration, soundtrack and costumes for what she appropriately called “The Miracle of Christmas.” She recruited the help of long time friend Phil Wheelwright to provide the sound and lighting. The fruits of their labor was a beautiful, touching, intimate re-enactment of the birth of the Savior. The pageant featured professionally recorded music, a live cast and animals; the “stage” was her front yard. That first year several hundred people attended. Today it is still an intimate experience AND a major production featured at the annual Weber County Holiday Festival, located on the county fairgrounds. Last year’s attendees numbered around 22,000! What an amazing legacy she has given to all of us. In 1992 when there was talk of retiring the pageant, my husband and I eagerly took over the reigns. We wanted to make sure our children and grandchildren had the opportunity to experience the true meaning of Christmas too, in fact, my children have never known a Christmas without the pageant.  It IS our Christmas. Together with volunteers from our extended families, neighbors, friends, local businesses and our ward family (members of our faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, are organized into wards) each year we present “The Miracle of Christmas – A Live Nativity” 3 times a night for 6 nights in December. It is always free to the public and a wonderful way to share, with your loved ones, what Christmas is really all about.  For more information send us an email at

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